We really pride ourselves on selling beautiful, UK grown Christmas trees. But there’s a few things to make sure you do when choosing and putting up your tree at home to make sure it looks amazing right through the festive period!

When a tree is cut, more than half its weight is water! Remembering this is key to keeping your tree healthy!

  1. Search out UK grown trees – these have travelled less and will have been cut more recently.
  2. Choose your tree variety wisely. Traditional spruces smell fantastic, but will drop leaves. Nordmanns look gorgeous, but don’t smell as strong.
  3. Stand your tree in water (in a bucket is fine until you put it up, then display it indoors in a stand with a water reservoir).
  4. Keep your tree outside in a bucket of water until you are ready to decorate (our cosy central heating dries trees out more quickly).
  5. Make a fresh cut to remove about a 1/2-inch thick disk before putting the tree in its stand. Don’t whittle the sides of the trunk as these outside layers are best of sucking up water!
  6. Keep topping up the water in your reservoir.
  7. If space allows, place your tree away from any heat source.

If you’re looking to pick up a premium-quality tree this Christmas, then why not head on over to our Christmas store, where we have tons of great offers on both free-range poultry and UK-grown Nordmann Spruces!