Winter Eating

21st December to 20th March

Winter is a great time for root veg – think delicious parsnips, potatoes, swede and turnips (none of that woody stuff!!)

Our stalwart cauliflower powers on through and is joined by an array of cabbages including yummy red cabbages, great for wintery dishes.

Of course, winter is also the time for fantastic sprouts. Cooked till soggy or pan fried with some pancetta, now is the time to enjoy the marmite of vegetables!

After Christmas comes our first tease of the more delicate veg of spring, as purple sprouting broccoli makes an appearance from end of Jan for a few short weeks.


From Further Afield

Seville oranges are around from December to February – this is officially marmalade making time!

Blood oranges are only available from December through to March as the climate plays a big part in this tangy fruit’s peculiar hue!

Lychees bring a tropical taste towards the end of winter

Satsumas bring memories of Christmas and not without reason. Lots of citrus fruit starts to appear in December!