Summer Eating

21st June to 22nd September

Summer is a time of bounty for UK fruit and veg. As soon as the sun rears its beautiful head, all we want to eat is BBQ and berries! Lucky for us, the summer has us covered…

Strawberries and raspberries will keep coming throughout the summer. Cheddar Valley strawberries (our favourites!) define the taste of summer for us and taste at their best from early June into August.

Look out for the currant season too. Deliciously tangy redcurrants and blackcurrants are grown in abundance in Somerset, appearing in July for about a month, and gooseberries flourish too – use them green for cooking and pink for eating!

Salad leaves (all sorts!!) start growing fantastically in the UK from June – we get lots from the Severn Project in Bristol. And who can forget the tomatoes? Gone are those wintery days of tasteless red fruits, if you buy fresh and local the smell they give off reminds you of your grandad’s greenhouse!

For those that think potatoes are boring and always taste the same, look out for the first of the year’s main crop potatoes. I promise they taste better in June than January!!!!

Fantastic veg comes all through the summer, from broad beans, peas and runner beans through to corn on the cob, carrots and beetroot.

Cobnuts have a special place in our hearts. Early hazlenuts (or filberts!) are eaten in salads or a great milky treat to snack on.


From Further Afield

Figs work their way across the med from Turkey to Greece through the Summer

Peaches, nectarines and their flat friends taste best in late June, but continue right through till schools are back

Melons taste of more than water when you find them in season. Buy in August for the best European melons. Look out for the yummy piel de sappos.