Spring Eating

20th March to 21st June

When the last winter cabbages begin to bolt, we enter the ‘hungry gap’ where there’s almost no homegrown fruit and veg around, right up until the new season’s first broad beans are ready. So even though it your garden is growing out of control, there is little UK fruit and veg to pick from in our springtime. So here’s some help to navigate your way through…

The UK Asparagus season traditionally starts on St George’s day (23rd April) and lasts just a couple of months until the Summer Solstice (June 21st). It can grow up to 10cm per day and is handpicked when each spear reaches the right height. Apparently it can help cure a hangover and improve your libido!

Delicious new potatoes with flaky skin you can rub off with your fingers can first be harvested in Cornwall and Jersey from late April. Make sure you buy your new potatoes dirty as this preserves the quality, flavour and freshness.

Cauliflowers can be found almost year round in the UK. Don’t think of them as boring though – try something different. For me, roast in small florets drowned in olive oil and sprinkled with Baharat spices and grated parmesan.

Rhubarb is about the only fruit you will find freshly harvested in Spring. Yorkshire force grown rhubarb is grown between the towns of Wakefield, Morley and Rothwell has Protected Designation of Origin status. It is grown in dark sheds which encouraged growth 3 times faster than this Siberian fruit traditionally grows.


From Further Afield

While UK potatoes are sparse, try some Cyprus or Majorcan spuds to take you through the early spring.