Autumn Eating

22nd September to 21st December

Squashes are bountiful (hunt out the Hubbard squash which have even more flavor than the well known butternut squashes!)

Pickling time begins in September, with the UK onion season starting.

Other veg continues strong, with leeks, beetroot, fennel, celeriac, kale and many other vegetables tasting fab!

Fruit-wise, the local apple and pear season begins in Feb. Almost any UK apples you have been eating over summer will have been picked months before and kept in cold store, losing a lot of their taste. Supermarkets tend to stock a small number of the thousands of apple varieties grown, so try something different – the season kicks of with discovery apples, but is soon followed by pippins, matte-skinned russets, and good old coxes.


From Further Afield

There’s so much great local fruit and veg available, you’re best to stick local!